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Australian Junior Resource Sector is Booming

The Australian junior exploration scene is undergoing a renaissance. Exciting grassroots discoveries are being made across the nation, companies are once again able to raise cash to fund their activities, and share prices of many quality juniors are surging.

Alas, with literally hundreds of junior resource companies listed on the ASX, investors can become confused by the plethora of options available. There is so much happening in the sector that simply doesn’t get captured in mainstream research or media coverage.

Many of the junior stocks we watch and research at MineLife have been amongst the best performers.

To be clear, we don’t provide financial advice. But we have assembled a portfolio of active junior companies from across the resource spectrum that we believe tick important boxes – namely quality people, projects and funding. We follow these companies on a daily basis and provide regular updates on their exploration or project development activities. We maintain a list of these stocks in our in-house Portfolio.

The companies we follow range from grassroots explorers through to pre-production companies. Our report is simple, concise and easy to understand – and is 100% independent.

Our research encompasses companies in the precious metals, energy, battery materials, base metals and bulk commodities sectors. Our report is simple and easy to read and caters for anyone with a passion and interest in the resource sector.

We also analyse trends within the resources industry and summarise important international developments. We sift through the barrage of company and commodity news and highlight what we believe is important from an investor perspective.

At a cost of $396 incl. GST for a 12-month subscription, our subscribers receive our notes five times a week.

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